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Received a tax notice and don’t know how to proceed ahead? Click on this guide by USTAXFiling to get more details about the tax notice management and scrutiny resolution for U.S expats?

You might be surprised to get a notice/ intimation from the income tax department of India even if you have filed your income tax returns before the due date. You might be confused about how to respond and what it is exactly. You don’t have to worry because we will break it down for you to aid you to understand about your intimation or notices in detail.

Intimation Under Section 143(1)

After filing your income tax, it is processed electronically by the CPC or Central Processing Centre. The income is further computed after making adjustments to the total income in the return:

  • Any income which is not included in the return
  • An incorrect claim from the information filed
  • Any arithmetical issue in the return
  • Disallowance of incorrect claim expenditure or loss

Notice Under Section 143(2)

The purpose of such notice is to inform assesse, that the filed income tax return has been picked for scrutiny. It is applicable to note that the section under which it will be scrutinized in different from the notice issued. With a detailed examination, the assessing officer intends to be assured that you have not done the following:

  • Paid lesser taxes
  • Claimed excessive loss
  • Understand excessive loss

Notice Under Section 148

An assessing officer has a reason to know that you have not disclosed your income correctly and paid lower taxes. You might not have filed your income tax return at all, even if you have according to the law. It is known as the income escaping assessment. Under such circumstances, the assessing officer is entitled to reassess or assess your income as per the case.

Notice Under Section 142(1)

A notice under section 142(1) is issued under two situations:

  • If you have forgotten to file your income tax returns and the assessing office want you to file your income  tax returns
  • If you have filed your income tax return but the assessing officer needs some extra details and documents about it.

The details are called for because the officer wants to make a fair assessment. If you neglect or don’t respond to this notice then the consequences are:

  • The prosecution which extends up to 1 year
  • A penalty of Rs. 10,000 can be levied for such failure
  • Both of the above

Notice Under Section 245

If the assessing officer believes that tax is not paid for the past years and wants to set off the current year refund against the demand then under section 245 can be issued. The adjustment of refund and demand can be done if you provide proper notice or opportunity to be heard.

What are the steps to upload tax notice?  Does the portal allow the user to upload more than notice?

  • You can register online
  • You can access your account securely
  • The portal allows multiple notice upload

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